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Electrochemical characterization of redox-active polymers

The goal of the project is to characterize the electrocatalytic performance (activity, selectivity ad stability) of polymeric organic electrocatalysts that have been synthesized in the Giovannitti group. You will characterize the electrochemical redox reactions of these polymers in organic and aqueous electrolytes in inert conditions to identify the operational voltages of the polymer. Afterward, you will investigate the activity and stability of the polymer for electrochemical reductive reactions. 


What you will learn from us:

  • Electrochemical characterization techniques

  • Fabrication of electrodes

  • Investigating structure-property relationships 

After the completion of your master's thesis project, you will know the fundamentals of electrochemistry

Skills to bring:

  • Being a team player

  • Open for learning

  • Training your colleagues

  • Supporting others

This is a characterization project - the majority of your time will be spent working in the lab fabricating- and testing electrodes.

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