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PhD Students

Jessica Itxel Vasquez Matias

I was born and raised in the beautifully chaotic Mexico City.  I loved science from a very young age and decided to study Chemistry. I obtained my bachelor's and master's degrees (with honors) at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, working on organic materials synthesis and characterization. Now, I am pursuing a Ph.D. in the Giovannitti group at Chalmers, as I have a strong interest in developing materials that could pave the way for sustainable technologies. In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies, reading any type of book (particularly novels), running, and spending time with my loved ones.


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Jessica Orrego Hernández (Industrial Postdoc)

I was born in a small village close to the sea (Apartadó-Colombia) and raised in Bogotá-Colombia. I earned my chemistry degree at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Then, I did my master's and PhD studies at Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) researching the synthesis of pyrazoles as fluorescent chemosensors for the detection of ions in water. In 2019, I moved to Gothemburg-Sweden to work at Kasper Moth-Poulsen group as a postdoctoral researcher developing the scalable synthesis of photoswitches for solar energy storage applications. In 2021, I joined a startup company called Celcibus AB located in Gothenburg-Sweden where I am working in the development of PGM-free catalysts for PEM fuel cells. Currently, I am an industrial postdoctoral researcher teaming up with the Giovannitti group and Celcibus AB. The current position is funded by the Wallenberg Initiative Materials Science for Sustainability (WISE) which aims to develop new electrode materials for fuel cells and electrolyzer applications.


Megan Westwood 

Originally from West Yorkshire, I moved to London in 2016 to undertake an integrated Master degree in Chemistry at University College London. In 2020 I began my PhD under the supervision of Bob C. Schroeder at UCL, where my research project was centred around developing self-healing conjugated polymers for wearable electronics. I joined the Giovannitti group as a postdoc in 2024, where my work will focus on developing efficient organic electrocatalytic materials. Outside of the lab I enjoy travelling to explore new cities, reading and cooking.

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Master students


Jessika Öhberg

I´m from Gothenburg and grew up in Frölunda but I have since moved to one of Sweden's biggest islands, Hisingen. I attended the International High School of Gothenburg region(IHGR), located right beside Chalmers, so I only moved a few hundred meters when I started the chemical engineering program at Chalmers. After my bachelor's, I began the material chemistry master's program and this is where my interest in polymer science started. So for my master's thesis, I was happy to join the Giovanittis research group to work on the purification of redox-active polymers. Other things I enjoy are spending time with my family, friends, and my two dogs, a poodle, and a shih-poo who I love to play with and take long walks with. 

Research Assistant


Aqila Naseri 

Originating from Ghazni, Afghanistan, and having migrated to Sweden, I proudly call both nations my homes. My passion for science since childhood led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, and currently, I am undertaking a Master's in Material Chemistry at Chalmers University of Technology. In addition to my studies, I work part-time as an amanuensis in the Giovannitti group at Chalmers. I am deeply interested in researching and developing new materials to advance technological innovation and address significant societal issues. Beyond my scientific pursuits, you'll find me in the kitchen experimenting with recipes, playing volleyball, and indulging in poetry during my spare time. 

Principal Investigator 


Alexander Giovannitti

I am a Polymer Chemist with a strong interest in synthesizing alternative materials for energy storage and energy conversion technologies. My training in Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Material Science and Engineering enables me to prepare materials with exciting properties to pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future of energy storage and chemical/energy conversion technologies. 

I studied chemistry (Diploma) at the Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology (KIT) (Germany), followed by a Master of Research (MRes) and Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry at Imperial College London (Center for Plastic Electronics (Department of Physics) and the Department of Chemistry). During my first postdoc in the Nelson group (Department of Physics), I  fabricated polymer batteries and studied their performance in water-based electrolytes. In 2019, I moved to Stanford University to join the Department of Material Science and Engineering, working in the Salleo group, to push forward new concepts for the recycling of polymer batteries and electrocatalysts. 

In my free time, I am passionate about cooking and baking, love exploring countries, and learning about cultures. I am also excited about surfing and cycling. 

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