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Research Activities

The Giovannitti group develops tailor-made redox-active polymers for electrochemical applications for clean chemical and energy conversion technologies. Our research vision is to design low-cost, scaleable electrode materials from earth-abundant elements to bypass bottlenecks for developing efficient rare-earth-elements-free electrodes, pushing forward sustainable approaches for developing clean technologies at scale. Moreover, we think about the recycling of materials already during electrode development to enable a circular economy for our materials – and not leave it as an afterthought for future generations to deal with the waste we generate.

We are a multidisciplinary group with expertise in polymer chemistry and electrochemistry. Our main focus lies on the development of electrode materials for electrochemical synthesis where tailor-made electrode materials achieve high activity, selectivity, and stability. Learn more about our research activities on our group webpage or stop by our group to learn more about our work.

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Find out about our research projects and open positions. 

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