Research mission:

Design and Synthesis of redox-active polymers for a sustainable future of energy storage and energy/chemical conversion technologies: 

Motivation: Decarbonization of the transport and energy sector will accelerate the demand for energy storage and energy conversion devices: Urgency to develop circular economy of devices and integrating recyclability of active materials.

Problem: Current technologies for energy storage and energy conversion technologies rely on precious and scarce materials (precious metals such as Pt, Pd, Co, Ir, etc) and often require a multi-phase electrode design (to achieve performance, stability, and safety). The multiphase design concept creates challenges for the recycling of devices. ‘Recycling is left as an afterthought’.

Solution: Designing redox-active materials that function as metal-free (single-phase) electrodes where materials are intentionally designed to be recyclable.

About me


I am a Polymer Chemist with a strong interest in synthesizing sustainable materials for energy storage and energy conversion technologies. My training in Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Material Science and Engineering enables me to prepare materials with exciting properties to pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future of energy storage and energy conversion technologies. 

I studied chemistry (Diploma) at the Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology (KIT) (Germany), followed by a Master of Research (MRes) and Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry at Imperial College London (Center for Plastic Electronics (Department of Physics) and the Department of Chemistry). During my first postdoc in the Nelson group (Department of Physics), I  fabricated polymer batteries and studied their performance in water-based electrolytes. In 2019, I moved to Stanford University to join the Department of Material Science and Engineering, working in the Salleo group, to push forward new concepts for the recycling of polymer batteries and electrocatalysts. 

In my free time, I am passionate about cooking and baking, love exploring countries, and learning about cultures. I am also excited about surfing and cycling.