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Teaching at Chalmers University of Technology:

 -Lecturer for Polymer Technology, KPO021, (2023) 

- Lecturer Polymer Chemistry and Physics, KBT026, (2023)

Teaching at Stanford University:

 - Semiconductors for Electronics and Photonics MATSCI 343 (2020, 2021)

Previous teaching experience

I am excited about teaching and transferring knowledge and skills to the next generation of researchers/scientists. I completed the Postdoc Teaching Certificate (Stanford University) which helped me to develop my teaching skills. In the spring terms in 19/20 and 20/21 had the opportunity to utilize my knowledge when I became the instructor for Organic Semiconductors for Electronics and Photonics (MatSci343, link).

My teaching philosophy aims to unpack complex problems into simple concepts and analogies that explain the content in a manner that students with a broad background can follow. I  intentionally incorporate multiple active learning techniques (e.g. think-pair-share) where students have the opportunity to learn by solving problems in collaboration with their peers.

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