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Fabrication of electrodes

The polymers that group are developing function as binder- and additive-free electrode materials and can easily be processed from solution. This enables the fabrication of electrodes on a large scale using low-cost techniques, like printing electrodes similar to printing newspapers. Preparing solution processible materials that function as single-phase electrodes also enables the development of recyclable elctrodes where the polymer can be recovered after the end-of-life of the device [Recycable battery electrodes].

To make this dream come true, we will identify processing conditions that enable the development of high-performing electrodes where electrodes achieve rapid electronic and ionic charge transport properties, as well as mass transport properties. Our previous work has demonstrated that finding the right processing condition for electrode preparation from solution enables the formation of polymer microstructures that give rise to high electronic charge transport properties. Furthermore, the microstructure of the electrodes is important for electrode stability during operation.   

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