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Functionalization of Fullerenes

During my diploma thesis in the group of Prof. Braese (Department of Chemistry, KIT, Germany), I designed and synthesized functionalized fullerenes. The aim of the work was to synthesize hexakis-fullerene derivates with octahedral geometry for the development of three-dimensional metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). My research focused on limiting side reactions to improve the yield of hexa-substituted fullerenes with high selectivity. Learn more about the exciting project in the publication below. 

Fullerene work KIT.tiff


Alexander Giovannitti, Stefan M. Seifermann, Angela Bihlmeier, Thierry Muller, Filip Topic, Kari Rissanen, Martin Nieger, Wim Klopper, Stefan Bräse*. Single and Multiple Additions of Dibenzoylmethane onto Buckminsterfullerene.  Eur. J. Org. Chem., 2013, 7907–7913. [10.1002/ejoc.201301146]

Other Research Projects
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