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We are hiring! PhD student position in Polymer Chemistry

The project is part of a multidisciplinary research collaboration where you will collaborate with researchers at Chalmers and with national and international research groups. The tasks of the position include the design and synthesis of redox-active polymeric organic semiconductors. These materials are solution-processable and allow the fabrication of multifunctional, low-cost electrodes that will be tested in selected reactions for electroorganic synthesis. Next to developing a broad knowledge and expertise in synthetic chemistry and chemical characterizations of polymers, you will learn about computational chemistry to predict chemical structures using density functional theory (DFT). You will work closely with national and international research groups to benchmark the performance of the materials that you have synthesized. You will have opportunities to visit national and international research groups to learn from experts in the field and visit research facilities such as the synchrotron to carry out advanced characterization measurements to study the properties of the materials prepared.


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